Friday, 10 April 2015

Carrou Mor Vignettes: The Flower Show

Memoirs of a Kirriemarian: The Flower Show

raided bed vegetable garden
Raised vegetable bed By Srl
via Wikimedia Commons
The next installment in my Scottish Memoir series brings us a visit to the annual Kirriemuir Flower Show. 
If there was one area of contention in my home town, it was gardening.  

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Vegetarian Clootie Dumpling: My take on a traditional Scottish Dessert Recipe

How to Make a Vegetarian Clootie Dumpling

British silver threepence piece
A silver threepence piece via Wiki commons
Here's my recipe for a vegetarian clootie dumpling. This was one of my familiy's favourite pudding served up on special occasions. In case you don't know, clootie dumpling is a traditional Scottish steamed fruit pudding and named for the cloth or cloot it was steamed in. Lucky coins, (usually silver three-penny-pieces my father saved and duly exchanged for a half-crown), were wrapped in grease-proof paper and included in the pudding before cooking: giving the pudding a stir was thought to guarantee every child a lucky coin.
It is traditionally cooked with beef suet but thankfully you can now get vegetarian suet - failing that use butter instead, this will make a lighter pudding.
It is best served hot with double cream but you can also use custard or ice-cream. It can be eaten cold, much like a rich fruit cake. The most famous clootie dumplings were made my Ma Broon, of the cartoon Broons family, who liked it fried with bacon!
Today you can buy them on line if you don't make them yourself and they interesting and unique gifts. If you make your own, wrap the dumpling in a pretty clean dry cloth or muslin and tie with a tartan bow.