Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dougie MacLean's Perthshire Amber Music Festival

Perthshire Amber

Perthshire Amber 2014
Unfortunately I can't get there this year :( but this is one music festival I can highly recommend. 

Ten days of wonderful music from Scots and all around the world. There are also talks and walks, workshops and open-mikes all in wonderful atmospheric venues in and around Dunkeld and Perthshire - including Blair Castle!

Don't be surprised if you see folk knitting everywhere, in pubs and theatres, cafes or just in the park. It is all part of the Big Knit where people knit squares to make a huge blanket that is raffled at the end of the festival. 

Scotland is beautiful in Autumn and Perthshire even more so.  There is loads to see and do and you will meet hundreds of wonderful people. The festival is very much a family affair and they take great pains to make sure you feel part of the family. 

The final hurrah is held in the smallest whisky brewery in Scotland which is worth a visit all on its own. 

Not sure how many tickets are still available, people come from all over the world so they go quick. Click the link to check. 

Dougie sings Caledonia - a 'little song' he calls it he wrote when he was in France and feeling homesick.

Perthshire Amber music festival
Dougie Maclean

I've been lucky enough to be there and will certainly make sure I go again. I just have to get better organised!

You might like to read about my experiences and see my photos - the two links are in the captions of these photos.

My photo of Dougie in a bar somewhere in Perthshire! 

Blair Atholl Castle Perthshire
Blair Atholl Castle Perthshire - usually hosts at least one concert.

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